Friday, March 21, 2014

Engine Faigure

This post is courtesy of Donnell.

If your kids have seen the Disney movie Planes, you may be familiar with this line from the movie except you might not recognize it because as usual, my son gave it his own twist!

Dottie talking to Dusty Crophopper (Donnell in his best Swedish accent)
 " Oh no! Engine Faigure, I should've listened to Dottie!"

Engine Faigure = Engine Failure

No, really my kids really are very smart!LOL!!!

I tried to correct him, but he told me that that IS what she said, so now I just laugh at him.

Friday, March 14, 2014

"That's Why We Need a House!"


Today's comment comes courtesy of LJ my 8 year old son! No definition required, but an explanation would probably help!

I told my sons to clean up their room. These kids are very fortunate or shall I say, SPOILED ROTTEN. We buy them tons of toys, they are my parents first grandchildren and grandsons. They are my siblings first nephews. I would like to think I don't have enemies in my family so my kids are pretty well liked. So, birthdays, Christmas,  whatever and just because brings my kids boat loads of toys. Their room looks like 5 aisles in Toy R Us, really!

They don't like to clean up and use every trick in the book to try to get out of it.


so stansome with his milk mustache!
Today's word comes courtesy of Donn, my style concious 6 year old.

My kids wear uniforms to school. Yesterday, I found out at the last minute that all of his normal blue uniform ties were dirty ( that kid is a mess on feet!) I frantically dig into his draw searching for a suitable substitute only to find there were no blue ties. So I picked a black tie which possessed a bit of a sheen.
He looks at the tie with a little grin and puts it on. He then looks at me with his big brown eyes gleaming and proudly declares, " Mom don't I look Stansome?" 

What is "stansome"I ask him. 

Definition: Stylish and handsome

"Yes, of course you do," I reply, "You always look stansome."

Monday, March 10, 2014

Working My Wits

Hello all!! Today's edition of What Did He Say? comes courtesy of LJ my 8 year old who gave us two great words today.

Lj is creative and thinks really hard to come up with new projects. He came today and said,
he was :

"Working his wits" to come up with a new way to make the letter "a" He said all the Sponsors make sloppy "a's". 

Working his wits= thinking hard, aka wracking his brains. 

Sponsors = typeset, aka fonts 

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Did The Baby Come Out Yet?

Did The Baby Come Out Yet?
 courtesy of LJ, 8 years old

If you have been following my site, you know that my sister was pregnant, yes, I said was. Yesterday, she gave birth to the cutest 9.4 lb baby boy. I am a baby boy mother; I have all sons so boys hold a special place in my heart.

Moving right along, My 8 year old son very innocently asked, " Did the baby come out yet?"

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Honey Mix

I promised I would keep you posted on the special vocabulary of my sons LJ and Donnell. Today I have my first installment. Sorry to tell you that you have missed years of interesting words.

Honey Mix = Honey Comb Cereal


Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Introduction to "What Did He Say?"

I have two sons. Both are brilliant little guys, really. I mean really smart, but they say some of the most interesting things. Sometimes I think they have their own language. I have decide to chronicle their language and share the hillarious things they say with you.

Everytime they give me a gem, I will post it and give the actual word they were trying to say and the the definition so you can understand just how hard I am laughing at them and why! Stay tuned!LOL!!

My two little guys!