Friday, March 14, 2014

"That's Why We Need a House!"


Today's comment comes courtesy of LJ my 8 year old son! No definition required, but an explanation would probably help!

I told my sons to clean up their room. These kids are very fortunate or shall I say, SPOILED ROTTEN. We buy them tons of toys, they are my parents first grandchildren and grandsons. They are my siblings first nephews. I would like to think I don't have enemies in my family so my kids are pretty well liked. So, birthdays, Christmas,  whatever and just because brings my kids boat loads of toys. Their room looks like 5 aisles in Toy R Us, really!

They don't like to clean up and use every trick in the book to try to get out of it.
My kids know I love (did I say LOVE) HGTV. So, being the bright, tricky child he is, my LJ. thought he would use distraction as a ploy to get out of cleaning his room, along with a little old fashioned guilt. He has heard me say a thousand times, " We have to get you kids a house so you can have room to play!"

I go into their room and see him holding an armful of toys looking around his room hopelessly. I ask him, " Why are you just standing there, put the toys up!"
 His response, " I don't know where to put all these toys, there is no where left to put them."
With an attitude and an air of disgust he exclaims,  "That's Why We Need a House! I Know, Let's Watch House Hunters and Pick One!"

I look at him and say, " when you finish cleaning, come up with about $40,000 and Oh, I know, Start a business or get a job, that's just what we'll do. 


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