Thursday, March 6, 2014

Did The Baby Come Out Yet?

Did The Baby Come Out Yet?
 courtesy of LJ, 8 years old

If you have been following my site, you know that my sister was pregnant, yes, I said was. Yesterday, she gave birth to the cutest 9.4 lb baby boy. I am a baby boy mother; I have all sons so boys hold a special place in my heart.

Moving right along, My 8 year old son very innocently asked, " Did the baby come out yet?"

Okay, this is a normal question when you know someone who is expecting, and when the questioner is an 8 year old boy it is a very innocent question.

The problem is, he asked it last week with my previously slender, then extremely large stomached sister standing right there in front of him! So no LJ, the baby hadn't come out yet! Is it mean to say DUH, to an 8 year old?LOL!

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